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From the removal of a single piece of furniture to cleaning out an entire house and yard. We're equipped to do it all.

Free estimates given upon request

We'll remove a piece of furniture, clean out an attic, basement, garage, or storage unit.

Some of the services we provide when doing a complete clean out include:

Hauling away trash and debris, sweeping out an area, vacuuming, carpet cleaning, power washing, lawn mowing, hedge trimming. We're equipped to do it all.

Pricing (credit may be given for sellable item)

Basic rate is 60 dollars an hour for two men and a truck plus actual dumping fees (a slip from the land fill will be provided showing date, time, weight, and actual dumping fees) 25 dollars an hour for each additional man. Minimum is 60 dollars. 10 dollars an hour added for the use of power equipment. You are charged for travel time to and from the land fill.

Rate after the first hour breaks down as follows:

15 dollars for every 15 minute interval after the first hour.

We can accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover

Shop around, you'll find that our rates are hard to beat and the final result reflects the pride we take in our work. References are available.